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How To Purchase Puppies at
Winterberry Kennels
How to Purchase a Puppy

To the Customer: 

We do not sell to just anyone.  We put a lot into the raising of our puppies and we want every one of them to be happy in their new home.  Every dog has a distinct personality, so it is easy to get attached to the puppies.  By the same token, it is easy to place them in a good home as we know they will be happy.  The greatest reward is seeing how happy a puppy can make someone.  We get calls from many happy customers and referrals are a major part of our business.

If you find a puppy you want, start by calling Betty at 706-538-1003.  She can tell you if the puppy is still available and can assist in the process of purchasing the puppy. 

All sales are Cash, Credit Card, or PayPal.  We handle our own credit cards, so please do not use PayPal for credit card purchases.  Please no personal checks.  Our PayPal address is

To reserve a puppy, there is a $400.00 deposit.  We often have several people interested in the same puppy, so we charge a deposit to make sure the puppy does get sold.  Except in extreme circumstances, this deposit is non-refundable.

Pure Bred Poodles:   In general, all standard poodle puppies are all $1,200.00.   If the price is different from those stated above, they will be posted with the dog on the page showing the puppy.  All our poodles are CKC registered.



Puppies come with:

    a Health guarantee

    Health records for your veterinarian. 
         All puppies will have vaccinations for Parvo, Distemper, Influenza, 
               at three week intervals starting at about 6 weeks (three shots total)
         All puppies will be treated at about two week intervals for various worm species using liquid          Panacure.

    Information about the puppies and their care

    a Sample of dog food (so you do not have to rush to the store)

    Papers for AKC registration

    Pre-spoiled and socialized - Our dogs run to you, not away

We suggest you bring:
   a Car carrier or towels as puppies can get car sick.  We try to not feed the puppies prior to delivery.  Puppies are treated with Capstar to kill all fleas the puppy may have picked up while in the house.  Presently we have no fleas at the kennel.


We prefer to sell puppies locally so that customers can see the puppy before delivery, and we can see the customers.  However, we will ship puppies to locations in the US.   We use Delta or American Airlines from the Atlanta Airport.  We try to use direct flights only. The cost continues to go up as do oil prices.    We only charge for our costs which does not include our fuel cost to the airport.  Included in those costs:

   The airfare (this includes surcharges for jet fuel).  Delta charges about $300.00 (this price varies so check with Betty for the current price) to any destination

    Veterinary charges (health checkup and certificate).  This is $35.00

    Transportation carrier (standard hard plastic carrier).  For young standard poodles this is $50.00
Please note:  The airlines requires that the temperature at both airports not be below 45 degrees or above 85 degrees.  This means that shipping has to be planed well in advance during Winter and Summer months.  We have shipped as far away as California, and never had any problems.  Call Betty for more information.

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