Misty had five puppies October 01, 2011.  Sired by Fitz, a brown and white parti poodle.  All are black and white Bich-Poos.  This litter is very similar to Misty's previous litters.  There are three females and two males. They are ready now.

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  Last Litter:  Misty's last Litter with Fitz
Bichon cross Poodle - Five Puppies Available
Puppies Currently Available and Soon to Be Available
Listed below are the litters that are currently available or will soon be available.  Litters that have not been born yet are listed on the Coming Litters Page.  We list all information about a litter under the mother of that litter.  The litters are organized in the table below - just press the appropriate thumbnail to see a larger picture.  As the puppies get older, we make a whole page devoted to that litter (usually about two to three week old puppies).  You can go to that page by clicking on the Current Litter Button.  In most cases you can also go the previous litter's page by clicking on the Last Litter Button. 

 Older Puppies for Sale When we have a only few puppies left in each litter, they are listed here. Everything is cross linked so you can get back to the mother's page.
We try to provide a picture of the whole litter, often when the puppies are very young.  This is so you can get an idea of color.  Puppies do not develop much personality before three weeks of age, so earlier pictures show only color.  By four weeks, the puppies will start to behave like puppies and by five weeks you can see the personality becoming apparent in the pictures.  We try to keep pictures updated, but we can be very busy sometimes.  If there is a puppy you want to see updated pictures of, give us a call.
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