Omega had eleven puppies on December 03, 2015.  All are chocolate partis.  The is some variation in size in this litter, a large litter often has size variation.  Adult weights probably will be between 55 lbs and 40 lbs.

Omega is a very intelligent dog, and very resourceful.  Her first litter showed that she passes these traits to he offspring.  Garner is very sweet and affectionate, a trait he seems to pass to his puppies.  This is Omega's first litter with Garner. 
  Omega's First Litter with Garner
Standard Poodles - 11 of 11 Puppies Left & 11 Available shortly


Scully had nine puppies on December 06, 2015.  All are red and most have white makings (chest,  and feet).  The markings are similar to those found on Prissy's puppies. Again, these are abstract markings.  Scully is a dark red dog, and her puppies are a darker shade of red than Prissy's puppies. Black points all around.  Scully is a big poodle, and the puppies are uniformly large, so I imagine they will all develop into large dogs (50 plus lbs)
   Prissy's First Litter with Garner
Standard Poodles - 9 puppies 4 sold. Available shortly


Prissy had eight puppies on October 03, 2015.  All are red and most have white makings (neck and chest, head spot, and feet).  We call these puppies Tuxedos, but they are more properly called Abstracts.  A true tuxedo has much more white on the neck and front legs.  Some of the puppies have light colored noses.  This is where the abstract white goes into the nose.

Both Prissy and Garner are very sweet and affectionate dogs, and the puppies seem to have inherited this trait.  All eight of them come running to see us, each wanting to be picked up.  They all like to be held and have their tummies rubbed.
   Prissy's First Litter with Garner
Standard Poodles - All Sold
Puppies Currently Available and Planed Litters
Listed below are the litters that are currently available or will soon be available including litters not born yet.   We list all information about a litter under the mother of that litter.  The litters are organized in the tiles below - just press the appropriate thumbnail to get more information.  As the puppies get older, we make a whole page devoted to that litter (usually about two to three week old puppies).  You can go to that page by clicking on the Current Litter Button.  In most cases you can also go the previous litter's page by clicking on the Last Litter Button. 

 Older Puppies for Sale When we have a only few puppies left in each litter, they are listed here. Everything is cross linked so you can get back to the mother's page.  Presently there are no older puppies.
We try to provide a picture of the whole litter, often when the puppies are very young.  This is so you can get an idea of color.  Puppies do not develop much personality before three weeks of age, so earlier pictures show only color.  By four weeks, the puppies will start to behave like puppies and by five weeks you can see the personality becoming apparent in the pictures.  We try to keep pictures updated, but we can be very busy sometimes.  If there is a puppy you want to see updated pictures of, give us a call.
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