Truman & Johnson from Ebony's First litter
Bichon Poo Puppies are very affectionate.
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We try to specialize in the large toy to small miniature size dogs (6-10 pounds).  This size is the perfect compromise between a small dog and one durable enough for smaller children.  This size is ideal for dogs that stay in the house or homes with small, fenced backyards.  They also have fewer health problems than the smaller dogs.  We also breed some smaller dogs (true toy poodles) which are best suited to apartment living.  We used to specialize in Miniature poodles, but customers are wanting smaller dogs.  We still raise a few true Miniature Poodles (12-13 pounds) which are ideal for large yards or farms.

We produce most colors of Poodles including all shades of brown, red, apricot, cream, white and black.  We produce brown and black Parti Poodles, and Sables (brindles) and Phantoms.  Our Bichon Poos range from pure white to tan cream, and the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels come in Tri-color (black, red-phantom markings, and white) and Blenheim (red and white).  All our Cavaliers are parti colored.  The Papillions come in the same colors as the Cavaliers.

This site is different from most dog sites.  We organize all of out litters by the Mother.  A listing of the litters can be found on the Available Puppies Page.  Each Litter has its own page with lots of pictures.  We pride ourselves on our poodle puppy pictures.  Old litters can be found on the Site Map (when we get it done).  Please visit our Philosophy page to find out why we do what we do.  After you decide which puppy you want, go to the Purchase page or give Betty a call (706-538-1003).  Betty handles the sales process, and you will love talking to her.  If you have any questions about our dogs, facilities or poodle genetics, send me an email at (or call 678-459-7445).  To learn more about the Betty and Jim Anderson, go to the About page.

We are moving our web pages to a new server.  We do not anticipate and problems, but things never seem to go a planed.  Please bear with us while we work out the kinks in the website.  The new site will be at instead of
Winterberry Kennels is a State of Georgia Licensed Kennel.
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We have six poodle puppies that are ready to go, and five poodles in a new litter.

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Available Puppies     Available Puppies listed with their mothers in each litter.
Puppies for Sale   Puppies Listed Individually when there are only a few left in a litter.

Our goal is to raise the best puppies available.  We do not show dogs so our breeding philosophy is based on the animal's personality and genetic background.   To this end, we spend time with all our adult dogs as well as the puppies.  The puppies are raised in the house where we can have continual contact with them - we figure this is where they are going to spend their lives - in someone's family.  We spent a lot of time picking out our breeding animals to make sure that families who obtain our puppies will have ideal pets.  We must be doing something right, as many of our customers are repeat customers.
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