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About Winterberry Kennels

The website is finally been upgraded. All the links should work again and pages from the old business have been revoved

1.  Changed the web site away from the old emphasis of small dogs, to standard poodles.  We raised the smaller dogs for about six years, but we only have the standards now.

2.  My daughter, Lisa Fingeroot has come to stay with us and she is taking over the dogs.  I am supposed to be retired, but that has increasingly become a joke.

Winterberry Farms Nursery was established 25 years ago to grow plants in Tissue Culture for the wholesale nursery trade.  You can read about the nursery below.  We closed the nursery and concentrated on raising poodle puppies and poodle mixes (doodles).  We raised our first litter more than 30 years ago when we were in Raleigh, North Carolina.  We have been involved with poodles ever since.  Three years ago we moved to LaGrange, Georgia to retire, but here we go again with poodles.

Winterberry Farms Tissue Culture was established in 1990 to grow plants for the parent company, Rowen Gardens  (established in 1988).   In 1994, the tissue culture laboratory started selling plants to other growers and began to specialize in the in-vitro propagation of Hosta.  The laboratory, located in Georgia,  primarily grew plants for smaller nurseries specializing in newer varieties.  With over 200  varieties of Hosta in the laboratory at any one time, Winterberry Farms was in a position to fill the needs of many smaller nurseries for Hosta and other perennials. 

    Jim and Betty Anderson have ran Winterberry Farms Nursery for about 18 years, shipping wholesale plants to customers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.  The Nursery has now been closed as we begin to retire.  We then started to raise Poodles, Papillions,  Cavaliers and Bichon Frise x Poodles as an avocation of our retirement.  This is more "house pets" producing puppies than a true business, but it makes sense to sell the puppies using our Winterberry Farms business skills.  We were not a puppy farm (and no longer called ourselves Winterberry Farms)  as we believed that we were producing individuals (pets) that will form life-long relationships with their owners.

     Winterberry Kennels was originally located on a small farm set in Central Georgia that is easily accessible from Atlanta, Griffin, Newnan, Fayetteville, La Grange, and Thomaston.  The Kennel is about 20 miles off Interstate 85.  With 10 acres, the Kennel has enough land to provide adequate living space for the dogs.  Large pens are used instead of small runs so the dogs do not get bored. 

  Jim brings his research skills to raising poodles and Betty brings her communication skills to marketing them.  You can view bios of both of us below.

James (Jim) M. Anderson, Ph.D.
  A retired Associate Professor of Crop Science and Botany at North Carolina State University and retired Plant Physiologist with the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Department of Agriculture.  He did research on several aspects of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry with an emphasis on Plant Growth Regulators while at the University of Georgia and N.C. State.  Jim has over 30 years experience in plant tissue culture.  He has a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from UCLA and a doctorate in Plant Physiology from Purdue University.  Jim has a long term interest in plant propagation and how plants adapt to their environment.  He is available to do consulting on plant propagation, plant tissue culture and give lectures, or more accurately talks to lay audiences, on several aspects of gardening.  These services are provided through the parent company 

While at the University of Georgia, Jim studied bioluminescence (organisms that glow in the dark).  He traveled to the far east and went on two scientific cruses to study luminescent organisms of the deep seas.

Jim clearly has a long term love of dogs going back to childhood.  He has spent long hours researching all aspects of Poodles, including the genetics of coat color and genetic disorders.  Some of the results of that research can be found on pages within this website.  



Betty W. Anderson
has a masters degree in journalism with experience in journalism, technical writing, television (host of PBS interview show), and public relations (trade associations).  She is a published fiction writer and an authority on the structure of the novel.   Betty is presently trying to sell a mystery suspense novel  that occurs on the barrier islands off Georgia.  Stay tuned, as this is promises to be a great book.  Betty is developing her own web-site (someday, I hope), devoted to her writing.