The Parents:

Scully, the Dam: 

Scully is a large, dark red, standard poodle.  She is non-fading (just look at the picture), however, she was bred with Garner who has some fading genes.  The puppies will be dark red, but not non-fading.  Scully is an uncomplicated, happy go lucky dog.  We had our doubts about her as a mother, but she was very attentive and loving.  She loves people.  She is also a pack dog who enjoys the company of the other standards.  She is not aggressive at all.   


Garner, the Sire:

  Garner is a good sized standard about 50 lbs.  He has good red, parti markings.  For us, he has great genes.  We have two red females (Prissy and Scully) and two brown partis (Abby and Omega).  Garner brings the red genes so we will get red puppies, and he has the parti gene so we can obtain parti puppies.  Finally, his base color is brown  which will gives us brown dogs, not black.  We should get brown parti poodles from Omega and Abby.  However, Garner has already surprised us by producing the beautiful abstracts in this litter.  The genetics of abstracts is not well known.  Garner has a great personality, and is very affectionate .  For some reason he seems to like women better than men.

Scully's Current Puppies sired by Garner

Scully had nine puppies October 23, 2016  Sired by Garner, a red and white parti poodle.  All are red solid color poodles.  However, several have white abstract markings on their chest and feet.   There are four females and five males. They will be ready December 18, 2016 (nine weeks Christmas day).  These puppies tend to be a darker red and tend to hold their color.
All  puppies come with full AKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  They are current on their de-worming (Liquid Panacure every two weeks) and they have had two vaccinations (5 in one).
You can hold a puppy for $400.00.  They are $1,200 each with shipping extra.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 678-836-6315 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315, Betty's cell phone, or email us at

The Boys have their own page here.  Three boys left.
Below is Dolly, the rest of the female puppies are here.  Females all sold.

Scully's Fall 2016 Litter
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