The Parents:

Toklas, the Dam: 

Toklas is a  CKC registered, toy poodle.  She is an apricot cream color that has faded to almost pure white.  She is a large toy of about 7 lbs.  She has a good personality and is very protective of her puppies.  She is larger than Mighty Moe, but still a good size for a toy poodle.

Mighty Moe, the Sire:

Mighty Moe is the smallest male we have and tries hard to be 6 lbs.  His name fits him perfectly.  He produces large litters with small puppies.   He has very long legs and a sweet, but playful nature.  He is a light cream color, which is where the color comes from in the puppies.  He has faded to almost white, and so will the puppies.  His face is dirty in the second picture, so Betty cut the dirt off and trimmed his top-knot (first picture).  You can, however, see his long legs in the second picture.
  Little  Bit:

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Little Bit is the only boy in the litter.  He is a beautiful shade of light cream with a smooth coat.  He will be a medium to large toy when grown.  Pictures are at 8 weeks.
Available for $350.00
Taffy at six weeks Tiny:

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Tiny is a little girl with a thick, tan-apricot coat.  Pictures are at 3 weeks.

Oliver at six weeks Itsy:

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Itsy is the reason that we use Mighty Moe as the sire.  She is small with a thick, luscious coat.  She will stay small.  Pictures are at 3 weeks

Toklas' Poodle Puppies sired by Mighty Moe

Toklas had three puppies September 17, 2009.  They were all cream in color like the parents.  She was mated with Mighty Moe, our little cream male.  He came through again producing a beautiful litter.  Tiny and Itsy are small girls with thick coats and tan-apricot color.  Little bit, the only boy, is a light cream similar to his mother.  When viewing the individual puppies below, click the pictures for more information and pictures.  Pictures are at three weeks.
All  puppies come with CKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  They have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.    They are current on their de-worming (Panacure every two weeks) and will get their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old.
You can hold a puppy for $150.00.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315 (cell phone, or email us at
Toklas's Summer 2009 Litter
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