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Betsy, Dolly, and Macarthur at four weeks. 

Puppies:  Taco had three puppies November 16, 2008.  They should be ready around December 28, 2008.  If you need one for Christmas, let us know.  This is Taco' second litter for us, and it looks very much like the first.    Her first litter is  >here<.   Two were girls (both shades of chocolate), and one boy.  The boy is a Brown Brindle with tan Phantom markings.   They will be large toys to small miniatures of about 6 to 8 lbs.  

All  puppies come with CKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  They have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.    They are current on their deworming (Panacure every two weeks) and will get their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old.

You can hold a puppy for $150.00.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315 (cell phone, or email us at pups@WF-Poodle.com

This is Betsy (). She is a chocolate girl with no markings.  She is on the left in the pictures below.  I would guess about 7-8 lbs grown.  Pictures at 4 weeks.


This is Dolly.  She is a dark chocolate girl with no markings.  She is in the middle in the pictures below.  I would guess about 7-8 lbs grown.  Pictures at 4 weeks.

This is Macauthur ().  He is chocolate brindle.  Brindle means the hair come out a dark brown, and then fades to a light tan.  He will look different after he is groomed and the dark tips are shaved off.  He is also a tan phantom (very light tan).  Phantom is the poodle equivalent of the coloration pattern found in a Rottweiler.   I would guess a large toy or very small miniature of about 7-8 lbs.   Pictures at 4 weeks.



Dam:  Coco (Taco) is a beautiful silver beige miniature poodle.  She is related to Muffin and the Sisters and represents part of our chocolate line.  She shows what a well colored silver beige can look like.  Taco is the most laid back poodle we have.  She lets nothing bother her and thinks heaven on earth is a human lap.  She is smaller than the other chocolates we have, and we bred her to a small miniature to keep the puppy size down.  The brindle phantom was a suprise.  I sometimes wonder where these genes come from.


Sire:  The sire is Cocobean (we call him Coco - now you see why Coco has to be Taco - what a mess).  He is a small miniature with a lot of spunk.  He takes his role of sire very seriously.  For a kennel dog, he is very friendly.  One of our more intelligent dogs.  He clearly has more than just brown genes as he produced a cream and a sable in his litter with Deidre, an unusual sable in a litter with Ebony, and a brindle phantom in this litter. 

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