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    Peaches' Second Litter
Two Puppies of Red to Apricot



The puppies at six weeks. 

Puppies:  This is Peaches' second litter for us.  For the first litter we bred Peaches to Ojiboo, and obtained beautiful champagne puppies.  Her first litter is  >here<.   In order to get red puppies we let her mate to Red-Head Willie.  She had two puppies on August 19, 2008.  Both were girls and both were red or apricot.  At this point, I would say that one is a light red and the other is a dark apricot.  The will be small miniatures of about 7 to 8 lbs.  

All  puppies come with CKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  They have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.    They are current on their deworming (Panacure every two weeks) and will get their first vaccination when they are 6 weeks old.

You can hold a puppy for $150.00.  If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1),  (678) 836-6315 (cell phone, or email us at pups@WF-Poodle.com

This is Savannah. She is more red than apricot, but not a dark red.  She is a little smaller than Marietta, and a darker color.  She looks like she will have the short face that her mother has.  This is considered a fault by the AKC, but we prefer the small faces (found in Peaches, Isis, and Lord Ojiboo).  Savannah is a little more reserved than Marietta, but comes to see me when I walk into the room.  I would guess about 7-8 lbs grown.  Pictures at 6 weeks.


This is Marietta.  She is more apricot than red -  Larger and taller than Savannah.  She is very friendly and comes to sit in my lap at the computer.  She love to be played with.  I would guess a small miniature of about 7-8 lbs.   Pictures at 3 weeks.


Dam:  Peaches is a light red colored, large toy poodle.  Her color is attractive due to the shiny highlights.  Recently she has faded to light apricot (almost a cream color), but retains some red on her head.  She has a small face, which would be a fault with AKC, but I think it makes her look sweet.  She has the sweetest personality and knows my every mood, comforting me if I am unhappy.  She stays with me in my office and sleeps on the bed at night.  Yes, we have spoiled her, but part of her wonderful personality is genetics.   I am hoping she passes some of her personality on to her puppies. 


Sire:  Mr. Red-Head Willie  CKC registered red poodle, He is about 7 lbs (about 11" tall).  His name is a misnomer as he has white on top of his head, not red.  His color is best described as rust red, a color he passes to most of his puppies  Willie has very long legs and is very energetic spending his day roaming his large pen.  He also came from a kennel and remains a bit shy.  I sit with him every day, and he is very upset if I miss a day.  Dogs are not supposed to make long term relationships, but Willie cries for his Butter Cup, these two are totally attached.  We have found Willie a new girlfriend in Deidre  but it is just not the same.   He is a well proportioned toy poodle with a rich rust red coat and dark ears.  His coat would cord if let grow long.  He passes his color on to his children.  Note that he has held his color with age even in the sun.

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