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Red Poodle Puppies at the
Anderson's Farm

Butter Cup and her four Puppies at  four weeks

Red Poodles (This Page)  All Sold

Dame:  Butter Cup   CKC registered Toy Poodle.  She is an unusual cream color with red guard hairs.  She has excellent form, with medium legs.  She is about 9 lbs (8" tall), making her a large toy.  We obtained Butter Cup from a kennel, where she was anything but friendly, but she now is a sweet and loving lap dog.  She likes to sit in my lap when I do the email in the mornings.  She has been a very attentive mother.  She proves that dogs can be rescued from bad situations and still become good pets.  She is a wonderful color, but I have not figured out how I might replicate it. 

Nursing five puppies at six weeks is hard work, but Butter Cup is an excellent mother.  This picture does justice to her color.

Sire:  Mr. Red Headed Willie  CKC registered red poodle, He is about 7 lbs (about 11" tall).  Willie has very long legs and is very energetic spending his day roaming his large pen.  He also came from a kennel and remains a bit shy.  I sit with him every day, and he is very upset if I miss a day.  Dogs are not supposed to make long term relationships, but Willie cries for his Butter Cup, these two are totally attached.  I have put River in his pen on occasion, but it is just not the same.   He is a well proportioned toy poodle with a rich rust red coat and dark ears.  His coat would cord if let grow long.  He passed his color on to his children. 


Puppies:  Four puppies in the litter, three will be large toy poodles and one with be a small toy.  They are all various shades of rusty red.  The smallest girl is darker red in color.  This is a very friendly crew, that all bound out of their house to see me each day.  I sit with them and they crawl all over my legs trying to get a rub here or a scratch there.  They love to be talked to and will reward the conversation with plenty of wet nose kisses.

Butter Cup stays on the other side of our puppy room, with her own dog door.  She has surprised me, as she was a kennel dog, but she is house broken all by herself. 

All the puppies come with CKC puppy registration papers and health guarantee.  They have had their tails docked and dewclaws removed.    They are current on their deworming (weekly) and will got their first vaccination Monday April 02.

If you are interested, please give us a call at 706-538-1003 (not a toll in Atlanta Area, do not dial 1) or email us at pups@WF-Poodle.com

Individual pictures are now available.  Puppies are at six weeks now.  Below are the five puppies with Itsy Bitsy (the tiny female) on the right side.


This is the whole litter showing the color variations.

Sold to a Local Woman  Itsy Bitsy,  is the smallest poodle we have raised to date.  She only weighs 17 oz at six weeks.  She will be a small toy poodle, maybe 5 - 6 lbs.  $600.00.  Her coat is a rich rusty red color, and is the most red of the whole litter.  As she is so small, she will not be available until she is 8 weeks old.  She competes quite well with her bigger siblings, and is very sweet.  She has been held a lot, and is always asking to be picked up. No one can resister her, so she has bee spoiled with attention. She likes to visit the Bichon Poos and talk to them through the fence (when she is in the main kitchen area), they are four times her size..


More pictures of Itsy Bitsy.  The picture, top right, best approximates her color.  Colors are hard to get right in pictures and on the Internet, even with Photoshop.

Sold to a Couple in Atlanta Little Red  is a rambunctious boy.  He is a different shade of red from his siblings.  He is almost brown with his ears a slightly darker shade.  I figure he will make about 7 pounds when grown.  He is all over your feet when I walk into his enclosure.  He likes to play with your shoes. 

The top two pictures are the most accurate renditions of Little Red's color.      $500.00

Sold to a Couple in Virginia  This is the other girl, Amber.  She is the most adventuresome puppy in the litter.  She is quite precocious for a dog just 6 weeks old.  She is a solid light, rusty red.  She approaches the cream color of her mother (In the back ground of the pictures above).  She is clever about getting a sip of mother's milk, even though mama has just about weaned the pups.


Amber enjoys romping in the Living room (on the right) and loves to be held.  She will also be about 7 pounds when grown.     $550.00

Sold to a Couple in the Atlanta Area  This is Rusty,  the other male.  He is a rich shade of rust red (picture on the right) with darker ears - just like his daddy - Red Headed Willie.  He has a thick, rich coat.  He is not outdone by his brother and will follow you everywhere.   $500.00



This is the whole crew at six weeks.  Itsy Bitsy on the right in the top picture, and in Betty's hand in the second picture.  Color is better in the top picture.

Top picture is Amber in the foreground and Rusty is in the background.  Bottom is again Amber in the foreground and Little Red in the background.   Note the difference in the their colors.




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