Omega and Garner
Garner, our loving male, red parti, poodle

Please note that we are presently updating this web site to reflect the changes in our business.  Until we finish, old content will remain on the site.  Please be patient as I have many things to do each day, so only have limited time to work on this site.

We have narrowed the breeding program to a few females and just one male.  The genetics will work out to produce brown parti poodles, and red poodles (clearly with white markings). 

This site is different from most dog sites.  We organize all of out litters by the Mother.  A listing of the litters can be found on the Available Puppies Page.  Each Litter has its own page with lots of pictures.  We pride ourselves on our poodle puppy pictures.   After you decide which puppy you want, go to the Purchase page or give Lisa a call (706-538-1003).  Lisa handles the sales process, and you will love talking to her.  If you have any questions about our dogs, facilities( or poodle genetics, send me an email at (or call 706-298-6001).  To learn more about the the Andersons and Lisa, go to the About page.

Please visit our Facebook page, Poodles at Winterberry Kennels which Lisa keeps up with lots of recent information and pictures.  I clearly am from a different generation with few Social Media skills.
Puppies at the
Anderson's Farm
We have two litters of Chocolate Parti standard poodle puppies.

One Litter is just over eleven weeks old.

The other litter is seven weeks old. 

Standard Poodles

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Winterberry Kennels presently only raises Standard Poodles, although we raised miniatures and toys for several years.  The owners, Betty and Jim Anderson retired a few years back, but our daughter, Lisa Fingeroot, has come to live with us and she now raises the dogs.  She is much better at socializing the puppies than we ever were.

Our goal has always is to raise the best Poodle puppies available.  We do not show dogs so our breeding philosophy is based on the animal's personality and genetic background.   To this end, we spend time with all our adult dogs as well as the puppies.  The puppies are raised in a special whelping room (climate controlled) where we can have almost continual contact with them.   We spent a lot of time picking out our breeding animals to make sure that families who obtain our puppies will have ideal pets.  We must have done something right, as many of our customers were repeat customers.  Below is a puppy from Scully's last litter.  Scully is due soon.
Specializing in Standard Poodles
Winterberry Kennels
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