We are going to raise only standard poodles, and just a few litters each year.  Our standards are mostly Royals, but one is a large Moyen.  The dogs are all AKC registered.  One (Iota) of the 7 puppies can be seen in the picture above.  The rest will have their pictures posted on the available puppies page soon.

At present, we have three colors of adult standard poodles. 

Scully, dark mahogany red color.  She will have puppies probably this summer.

Prissy, the more common shade of red.  She is a bit smaller than the other two.  She will probably have puppies late Winter.

Omega, dark brown parti poodle.  She has puppies now (see picture above).


This site is different from most dog sites.  We organize all of out litters by the Mother.  A listing of the litters can be found on the Available Puppies Page.  Each Litter has its own page with lots of pictures.  We pride ourselves on our poodle puppy pictures.  Old litters can be found on the Site Map (when we get it done).  Please visit our Philosophy page to find out why we do what we do.  After you decide which puppy you want, go to the Purchase page or give Betty a call (706-538-1003).  Betty handles the sales process, and you will love talking to her.  If you have any questions about our dogs, facilities or poodle genetics, send me an email at james@rowinter.com (or call 678-459-7445).  To learn more about the Betty and Jim Anderson, go to the About page.

Puppies at the
Anderson's Farm
We are back with Standard Poodles, all AKC registered.

Standard Poodles

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OK, we can not stay in retirement.  Lisa, my daughter, came to stay with us and wanted to raise some standard poodles.  So, here we are with our first litter.  They are all beautiful dark brown parti poodles.  They will all be Royals (big, but not huge).  They are all AKC registered.

Our goal has always been to raise the best puppies available.  We do not show dogs so our breeding philosophy is based on the animal's personality and genetic background.   To this end, we spend time with all our adult dogs as well as the puppies.  The puppies are raised in a fully air conditioned welping room (the room has its own furniture and sheet rock on the walls).  Lisa lives next door where she can have continual contact with the puppies.  We spent a lot of time picking out our breeding animals to make sure that families who obtain our puppies will have ideal pets.  We must have been doing something right, as we still get calls from many of our customers, just hoping we still have a puppy for them.
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